Jun 12, 2011

Unprejudiced Beauty...

Penned down by Rachana Vaidya at 7:51 PM
4'11 o 6 inches? Fair or dark? Curvy or skinny?  Black hair or Gray? Clear skin or lots of pimples? Big eyed or small? Crooked nose or straight? Straight white set or buck teeth?
           We all can see the difference but can we all see the beauty of each? For the longest time ever i had my preferences in all of these. To be honest till maybe yesterday I was prejudiced. But today i'm trying to take of the glasses media and society put on my eyes.Its difficult you know. But i'm not the one to give up easily.
           We have all had our days when some friend makes fun of some other persons looks and either we join then or plainly don't say anything. I have indulged in this many times and now i'm guilty. If there is anyone out there who i made feel less than perfect even for a tiny second i'm truly sorry. You deserve better. 
         From now i believe in beauty of all just in different forms.
                                     Unprejudiced Beauty.


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