Feb 27, 2013

Coming home.

Penned down by Rachana Vaidya at 11:18 PM
   He wondered if he should overtake the red car ahead. The mood was morose, he didn't feel like playing games today. If anything, he actually wondered if repetition sucked the joy out of even his favourite games. He scolded himself. He wasn't behaving like his usual self ; for god sake, he wasn't feeling like he usually did. But thoughts could wait, he had a beautiful mistress to attend to.
      Leila wasn't his usual choice. She had been his most difficult. He had had plenty of women before her, but never found one just like her. She was a challenge, and today he hoped that the challenges she brought along would lift his spirits.
    He entered the gateway and honked. He liked doing it this way; announcing his arrival. Her flowery footsteps were coming towards him. She opened the door and stood at the doorway. Both hands on her hips, she was a sight for sore eyes. The exquisite beauty frowned. He was late again, and she didn't like waiting. What she never understood was, all his acts of defiance to her usual expectations were done on purpose. It was his foreplay. Or maybe she did know; he could never tell.
     He got down and walked towards her. He could read the anticipation in her eyes. He liked seeing the burning desire for him in her. His wife never saw him like that. She always had some kind of a soft, unspoken emotion in her eyes which he could never fully understand. Was it because he never tried understanding? Maybe they were just not his cup of emotions. He brushed aside these thoughts. Leila was what he had now and what he needed, he told himself.
     They welcomed each other with hungry eyes. He walked in; but today, the silence was deafening. He had to say something. Anything.

 "How was your day?", he asked without looking at her.

 "From when did we start making small talk?", she questioned. "Or are you falling in love with me?", she said playfully.

She was right. They never wasted time.

   He grabbed her by her hips and breathed in her scent. The nauseous smell of a beautiful woman. It wasn't long before their clothes were a distant memory, lying in a pile somewhere.

               But today was not everyday and he couldn't think straight. The mind is a strange place. It take you don't roads you seemed to have long forgotten, at times when you shouldn't think about them at all.

             He remembered the day they'd met - a warm summer afternoon, at a coffee shop. She was sipping coffee while chattering excitedly with her girlfriends. He hadn't been able to get his eyes off that young, beautiful, carefree woman. He had waited till she got up to go to the washroom, to approach her. He remembered how, every summer afternoon after that day was spent with her. Swimming, cycling, picnics and  movies; they couldn't get enough of each other. He thought of that starry night he asked her to marry him. It wasn't pre planned. Heck, he hadn't even thought of it, and yet when he sat there looking at her talk like there's no tomorrow, he didn't want her to ever be away for even one more day. One distinct memory was when on a gloomy April afternoon he lost his mother and only reality only sank in when he looked at the understanding in his wife's eyes.

    He pushed Leila away, he needed to breathe. His usual drug was suffocating the air out of him now. He moved swiftly through the room and dug through the pile of clothes. He began dressing up.

What happened, love? What's wrong with you today?, Leila questioned in surprise.

He felt no compulsion to answer.

Before long he was starting his car and driving out of the gateway. He had no time, every passing minute was his life ticking away, getting out of his hand.


The door clicked open.

The air smelled of bittersweet hope, of long waiting and of realization. His footsteps echoed throughout the house, as if to match his pacing heart.

 Looking up, after the longest time, he saw the same understanding in her eyes like that gloomy April afternoon. Tonight, he came home.


3 opinions:

Red Handed on Feb 28, 2013, 5:19:00 PM said...

Mind truly is a strange place!
LOVED how you came up with this...for a while I felt u were talking about one woman..and then the twist..

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Rachana on Jun 26, 2013, 7:08:00 PM said...

@RedHanded Glad you liked it :D

@Swathy Thank you :')


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