Nov 18, 2011

The Memory Lane.

Penned down by Rachana Vaidya at 5:39 PM
   Every once in a while, you should go down the memory lanes. 
And by that I don't mean only in your mind.  
You should really walk down all those lanes on which you hopped and skipped with your friends many years back. 
Maybe you are lucky enough to still be living there itself. 
Or maybe, it is somewhere close or somewhere far.
 But, just this once, go walk there and let the million memories wash over you.
 The hide and seek you played 
and when you hid for long, the excitement would make you want to pee so bad. 
The street dogs who you either fed daily or ran away from whenever you saw them. 
The plenty Holis & Diwalis spent with those building mates. 
Waiting for your school bus outside the gate every single morning.
 That one shop you bought all your dairy milks from.
 The love hate relationship shared with the watchman. 
The thousand times you fell and cried. 

Go out there and just for today, live those million memories again.

4 opinions:

Adi on Nov 19, 2011, 5:10:00 AM said...

one should really travel through it .... VERY VERY TRUE

Furree Katt on Nov 19, 2011, 9:24:00 PM said...

:((((((( i moved to another country :((((((

Rachana on Nov 20, 2011, 11:57:00 PM said...

Aww that's so sad! :( :(

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, it made me all nostalgic. All the holis and diwalis, the hide and seek, evrything everything flashed through my head.


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