Dec 17, 2012

Finding her Tranquility

Penned down by Rachana Vaidya at 12:25 AM
         The thoughts kept churning inside. It wouldn't stop. Not music, not air, nor cupcakes seemed to help. Cupcakes always helped but this once. The turmoil was too great, the thoughts of nothingness kept trashing into the front of her mind like gigantic waves. If she could put a finger on the source, just find that one small reason for all the hurt, she could  put an end to it all. But the reason kept eluding her, yet gnawing up her insides. 
        It took a humongous amount of strength to do her daily chores. Hobbies seemed hollow; unenjoyable and meaningless. The walk to the station, the long train journey to work, work itself, seemed like punishment. Punishment for no crime done. 
         It bothered her to think of unhappiness when she had no reason to be so. She looked down upon herself for not being happy when the world was convinced she had everything one would need for happiness. She couldn't argue, she had nothing to defend herself. 
        It was Thursday, one of those days in a week which can't find a spot. It always seemed like an unwanted addition to an already insignificant life. There was a constant buzz in her head. It made her head heavy, the outside noise couldn't quite reach her mind, it seemed to fall down somewhere in the vacuum. She knew she had to reach home. If only the clock didn't seem to have stalled in eternity, if only people didn't talk all at once. At the minute it hit six, she walked away from the office in silence. In her head, she was running. Running for her life. Running from the world. 
      The sound of the keys turning had never felt so soothing, the feeling of home never so strong. And there, in the middle of an unwanted day in an insignificant life she found her peace, one tear at a time. 

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