Jul 19, 2011

17 things a 17yr old girl can't live without..

Penned down by Rachana Vaidya at 1:08 AM
Considering there are exactly 54 days left for me to turn 18, I think making this list is so essential :D
  1. Mommy - Eternally a mommy's gal and she deserves to come 1st in my list :)
  2. Twilight series- Yeah I know they are super cheesy! Duh, so what.  :| (Someone gift me Jacob) <3
  3. Cell phone which groans due to over use. 
  4. Booze baby booze! \m/ Or atleast Wine! :D
  5. F A C E B O O K.
  6. Long hair Hair of any kind! (Boys in my college have better than mine) O_o
  7. A major crush on an absolute jerk- I really don't know why we do this to ourselves! -_-
  8. Water bottle- If you don't carry one you are a dehydrated fool.Thank you very much.
  9. A bratty sibling who is the Mojo Jojo in your life.
  10. Teachers whose very faces make you LOL!
  11. Old pair of Levis. 
  12. Books- And if you CAN live without them then you are psycho! *_*
  13. Kajal,kajal and darker kajal. *gives sexy looks through her kajal filled eyes*
  14. Baggy jeans to show off your Jockey underwear. (Hey wait this comes in the guys category!) *confused*
  15. A bag the size of a mini continent which you need to carry all your necessary shit!
  16. Marine Drive- Does this even need explanation?!?!
  17. Amazingly gorgeous, sexy, loving friends! *grins*
So here is my beautiful list which you have to consider as your bible. No arguments.Thank you.

8 opinions:

Red Handed on Jul 19, 2011, 5:36:00 AM said...

Even i have a mojo jojo brother :p
nice list

Viya ;) on Jul 19, 2011, 10:45:00 AM said...

A bratty sibling who is the Mojo Jojo in your life. lol! i can totally agree with that and the Water bottle.. I hatteee HATEEE sharing my water bottle.. :|

Rachana on Jul 19, 2011, 1:21:00 PM said...

@Red Handed- Thank you! :)
@Viya- Even I hate hate hate it! Yet everyone takes my bottle only! @_@

Furree Katt on Jul 19, 2011, 5:02:00 PM said...

haha this list is nearly perfect!

The Blue Periwinkle on Jul 19, 2011, 9:29:00 PM said...

So true! That list!

Except maybe the twilight thingy.. no really a fan.

Rachana on Jul 19, 2011, 10:50:00 PM said...

@Furree Katt- Thank you! :)
@Blue Periwinkle- Twilight is good yaar! :P :D

Sushmit on Aug 24, 2011, 10:36:00 PM said...

Point number 12,missy.....point number 12. \m/ Its sickening to see people referring to books as 'ewww' and all. And good to see a Tolkien quote (referring to Aragorn) in the blog...keep it up :) :)

Rachana on Aug 24, 2011, 10:55:00 PM said...

The word 'books' and 'eww' should never come in the same line!
Btw, thank you! :)


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